Age Sensitive ICT Systems for Intelligible City For All

The objective of the project is the enhancement of the sense of security and self confidence of presbycusis people, whose hearing degradation increases with age. Two specific situations are considered :

  • Mobility in public confined spaces:
    Smart loudspeakers for better intelligibility of vocal messages.

  • Mobility in urban space:
    System embedded in vehicles for better localization of alarm sounds (e.g. ambulances, police cars) and an appropriate enhancement of car signal alarms (e.g. safety belt warning, lane change warning).

The I’CityForAll project is addressing, in mobility context, the specific needs of hearing impaired senior population which proportion varies from ¼ of 65 years-old to ¾ of 85 years-old. A preliminary survey , highlighted this impact in two main contexts:

  • First in confined or semi-confined spaces (i.e railways airports, supermarkets, museums etc…), the aforementioned population was found to show a lack of intelligibility of vocal announcements.
  • Second, inside of vehicles evolving in noisy urban environment, the same population showed a default of detectability, localizability and identification of both internal and external alarms.
A lot of location confusions like front/back were noted for these alarms when emerging from either the audio car system or the external environment like emergency alarm emitted by ambulance, firefighters.

The I’CityForAll project has developed 4 innovative systems that address each one of these challenging situations allowing the impaired seniors to reach a normal hearing ability level : SpeechConformer, PerceivAll, SIMForAll and AlarmSniffer

For confined and semi-confined spaces, the project developed two complementary yet innovative products, SpeechConformer and PerceivAll. The first one continuously adapts the timbre of the announcing voice making it clearer like female one, while the second product precompensates the frequency loss of hearing impaired person making the public spaces hearing-accessible “For All”.
In parallel, the project proposed a third yet original product, SIMForAllwhich is an objective quality-measure tool of intelligibility adapted to various hearing abilities. The ActiveAudio Company, partner of the project, is ensuring the commercialization of SpeechConformer while Audiosense, a start-up founded by two PhD students of the CEA-LinkLab, is planning to market PerceivAll and SIMForAll smart loudspeakers on the second half of 2016.

For in-vehicle context, PerceiveAll constitutes also a proven solution that guarantees a better perception of internal alarms by taking into account the hearing profile of the driver. The second solution proposed by I’CityForAll in in-vehicle context is AlarmSniffer that informs the driver on the location and type of external emergency alarm through audio and visual HMI.


The I’CityForall project is organized in 6 work packages: WP1: ICity Evaluations : End-User studies and field trials Objectives 1) Audio evaluation and surveys on audio users’ requirements in their mobility in the two contexts: confined public places and in car. 2) Elaboration of the multi-dimensional evaluation protocol based on...

Partners Involvement

The project I'CityForAll (Age Sensitive ICT Systems for Intelligible City For All) aims at enhancing the sense of safety and self-confidence of presbycusic people, whose hearing degradation increases with age. Two situations are considered: mobility in public confined spaces and mobility in urban space. For public confined spaces...


Users' requirements and needs

I'CityForAll engages users who accept to sign an informed consent form and to participate in the different activities of this project: the survey, the audiometric tests and the in-vivo tests. All the tests conducted in the I'CityForAll project followed the guideline for ethical considerations in AAl project (PDF). France and Italy was involved in this study...

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Survey on users' requirement

I'CityForAll proposes two solutions:
-The first ICT solution consists in smart loudspeakers improving the speech intelligibility in the confined space as railway stations.
-The second one is ICT alarm helping the drivers to enhance their safety by increasing the localization accuracy...

Intelligibility assessment

The speech intelligibility can be distorted by many factors:
-Additive noise
-Reverberation of confined or semi-confined spaces
-Public Address system (Loudspeaker, microphone, amplifier)
-Speaker's voice...

Localization evaluation

The second main step of the I'CityForAll project is dedicated to algorithm development. Three types of algorithms will be developed: The first one is devoted to hearing loss compensation, enabling not only better intelligibility of vocal announcements in public spaces but also for better urban sound localization for an presbycusic driver...

Partners and subcontractors